Narrowband IoT Environmental Tracker – TracSpot

The market for asset tracking and condition monitoring devices is forecast to treble by 2022.    This growth is due to changes in demand brought about by improvements in technology and cost.   This is forecast to lead to a significant expansion in application
In response to this, we have develop a new environmental and asset tracking device called TracSpot that can monitor the condition of stationary and mobile assets across the world.    Using our bespoke hardware design, we use a combination of gas sensing, temperature, humidity, air pressure, shock detection, orientation and GPS geolocation to provide a continuous monitoring of environmental condition of assets.  We have been deployed use case examples or industrial assets, logistics movement and monitoring of high value commercial goods.
Our tracking devices have been deployed using ultra low power Narrowband IoT (NB1) technology to communicate information back to users.   Our TracSpot devices are currently in use in Asia and will roll out in Europe as NB IoT services are enabled in 2017 and 2018.
We are showcasing our TracSpot device at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon in early November.

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