About Us

We are Spot Sensors. A company based in Edinburgh, Scotland dedicated to bringing our customers products and services that will improve comfort, enhance personal safety and reduce cost.
Our approach

Smart Technology

Our products use the latest sensor technology coupled with ultra low power communications to connect directly with your smart phone, tablet or computer

Ultra Low Power Comms

Our sensor devices deploy the latest low power communications, including Lora, Sigfox, Bluetooth, 3/4G, NB IoT and LTE-CatM               

Simple Operation

Our products are designed to be easy to understand and simple to use. Each is engineered to improve customer security, comfort and cost.

Agile use

We’ve developed a flexible sensor platform that allows our customers to monitor a single area environment or across multiple locations.

Precise Measurement

We use the highest quality components in our products to deliver precision measurement of the environment about you.

Bespoke Hardware

Our hardware sensor design responds to the challenges for asset management and environmental monitoring 

We offer a number of products that help you make better sense of the world about you.

Our Products

Air Quality Sensing

AirSpot City

Low power, high precision air quality monitoring device designed for industrial sites, towns and cities. Measures a range of pollutants including Particulate Matter, SO2, CO, NO2, O3, temperature, humidity and air pressure.  Can communicate data via Lora, Sigfox, 3/4G, Wifi and Bluetooth.

Air Quality Sensing

AirSpot Home

Air quality sensor device designed to track a range of pollutants and environmental conditions for homes and buildings. Measurements of VOC, CO2e, Particulate Matter, Temperature and Humidity conditions.   Useful for customers keen to improve health and well being

Environmental Sensing for the Water Environment


Ultrasonic sensor device designed for monitoring water levels and ambient environmental conditions. Ideal for use in monitoring flood levels to identify risk in river and tidal environments.

Asset Condition Monitoring


Our multi function mobile tracking device designed to monitor environmental conditions of assets and goods.   Connects using NB IoT and GPS.   Uses ultra low energy sensing techniques for long life performance.  

We offer a range of customised services for our products and projects. These can be found in our apps or via the bespoke services that we offer.

Our Services

Real Time Tracking

Environmental Monitoring

Our sensors support real time tracking, allowing you to see when and how changes are taking place within your environment.


Tracking Assets in Real Time

Our multi function sensor devices have geolocation capabilities for more effective management of your sensor network

Sensor Analytics

Post Processing and Analysis Services

Data from your sensor device can be analysed quickly to offer advice and insight for your environment.

Alerts and Notifications

Environmental and Asset Management

You can set customised alerts and notificatons on your smart device based upon standard recommendations or your own preference.

Secure Data Storage

Use Our Service or Connect to Your Own

Data collected from your sensor device can be stored secuely in the cloud within your own personal account, letting you review and compare data at your convenience.

Learning Algorithms

Predictive Analytics

Using latest learning techniques, we can use our sensor data with other data to develop accurate forecasting and prediction of environmental or asset conditions.  


Our Technology Partners

We are working with a range of partners to implement IoT solutions for cities and communities.  


Who are we?

Meet the team

Janek Mann


Janek has wide experience in sensor development and informatics, working in one of the world’s leading research centres for over 15 years. He is leading our effort in hardware design, data communications and pre-processing capabilities.

Gordon McGregor


Gordon has over 20 years experience in working in the energy and technology sector. Prior to Spot Sensors, he was Innovation Director in one of Europe’s largest utility companies leading the development of clean energy technology.

Paolo Di Prodi


Paolo has a deep background in robotics, sensor development and machine learning. Paolo’s is leading the our work on data storage, algorithmic development, post processing and visualisation.


  • The data and associated applications from our sensor devices are used to provide information for clients to improve productivity and quality

    Paolo Di Prodi
  • Our focus is to deliver outstanding products that help cities and communities stay healthy, safe and productive.

    Gordon McGregor
  • We use the highest quality components in our products to achieve precision measurement of the local environment.

    Janek Mann
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